I’m red inside

Kissabel®, in the form of a natural kiss, invites the consumer to discover the red heart of the apple, because it is surprisingly red inside the apple.

Kissabel® offers an exciting new segment in the apple market. For a target group that is keen to experiment and discover and try something new. Kissabel® is GMO-free and obtained the red fleshiness through a natural cross with wild apples. Kissabel® is the result of more than 20 years of breeding in the South of France. There are different color varieties with a red to pinkish flesh as well as with a red, yellow, or orange skin. The trademark symbolizes the different color characteristics of the fruit skin and flesh. Under the growing conditions in Germany, the red-skinned variety Kissabel® Rouge is particularly impressive with its unique berry aroma. Kissabel® is not only surprisingly red on the inside, but the apple trees also blossom intensively in a pinkish red in spring.

Kissabel® offers consumers something exotic from domestic cultivation.


During the preferred marketing period between October and December, Kissabel® is used for eye-catching promotions such as Halloween, St. Nicholas, and Christmas. The red fruit flesh is directly and clearly indicated on the packaging.


Kissabel® is grown in the Alte Land and around Lake Constance.
Marketing starts at the end of October and continues into January.