Red Apple
Germany GmbH

The sales organization for Kissabel®
and Rockit®

Red Apple Germany GmbH (RAG) is a subsidiary of the

Deutsches Obst-Sorten Konsortium GmbH for sales to food retailers and wholesale markets.

Our goals

Red Apple Germany GmbH is a joint sales organization of German producer organizations with their fruit farmers. It is the listing company for the German food retailer and certified according to IFS brokers. The company was founded in 2013. The parent organization is the Deutsches Obst-Sorten Konsortium GmbH (DOSK), which was founded by eight German producer organizations to acquire cultivation and marketing rights to new apple varieties.

Red Apple Germany GmbH mainly markets the produce of fruit growers from Germany on the domestic market and exports to a limited extent. It also imports produce from foreign license partners.

The DOSK is working with the German producer organizations to develop uniform marketing and quality concepts for the new apple brands. With the Rockit® Apple snack apple and the Kissabel® red-fleshed apple, two brand concepts are initially to be established in Germany.

Strong brands